Grenadiers Music Video

Music Video

I had been wanting for a long time to make a music video the way I thought they should be made – with the music as the focus. The band and I struggled to convince our financiers that we could make an engaging clip without a long-winded story. After we finished the clip, we finally had proof that yes, musicians playing can engage an audience for 3 minutes. Although it was one of my first, and definitely the simplest, this is still the music video that I’m most proud of.

‘Old Uncle Scratch’ by Grenadiers from their debut album, Songs the Devil Taught Us. Check them

This music video was made with the support of Canon, Music SA, and the Media Resource Centre as part of the 2011 ‘Clip It’ initiative.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Kelly Carpenter and Shot by Viv Madigan, we’d like to thank our crew for sticking out the night in a cold, wet warehouse. Kirsty Stark and Sam Cherry as 2nd Camera Operators, Ella Macintyre as Unit Manager and Data Wrangler, and Katie Powell as I’ll-Do-Anything Girl. Thanks Sam Matthews for spending long nights with us to get it looking really special.

Also thanks to extra hands from the band, Bondy and Faz, James Parker for his rain machine, and Knight Frank for being so helpful with this awesome location. And of course, thanks to the band, Jimmy, Drew, and Jesse for putting up with almost getting pneumonia and making this video so damn awesome.