Music Video inspired by Austin Nightlife

Music Video

When asked if I’d be interested in making a music video for Barossa Valley blues singer, Kelly Menhennett, I said what I always say, that I’d have a listen and think about it. In three minutes I was back on the phone.

I love this song and it reminded me straight away of the feeling of being in Austin at night. The uncrisp sounds, the texture of the light, and the sight of buskers everywhere. Luckily for me, the singer related straight away; she had recorded the album in Nashville.

Although the song is about desire, we steered that meaning to focus on music and featured our home-town of Adelaide in all the weird ways we love it.

Video Director/Producer/Editor: Kelly Carpenter
DOP: Maxx Corkindale
Lighting/Cam Assist: Fin McNeilage
Production Assistants: Terri Amor, Kane Hinton, Peter Ninos

Hanna Galbraith, Aaron Schuppan, Delana Carbone, Emily Smith, Taylor Miell, Nick Brokenshire, Kane Barry Hinton, Kylie Roach, Brodie, Stokes-Watts, Tom Soldan, Kate O’Brien, Mel Zahcrusko, Alex Macintyre, Kate Menhennett, Dale Engler, Matt Carter, Camilla Webster, Samual Maxwell, Anya Bishop, Rosalynde Skewes, Alex Walker-Symonds, Mel Strapps, Mandy Kolen, Bec Stubley, Aaron Nash, Jeremy Kelly-Bakker

Special Thanks:
La Chiva, Jeremy Kelly Bakker, Aaron Schuppan