Sleeptalker Music Video

Music Video

You might recognise the singer from my favourite Grenadiers clip. I love all his music and his bands. I can’t shoot a clip for a song I don’t like – it would be death to my ears to listen to a mediocre song 150+ times. Thank goodness there are enough locals making top quality stuff.

In the clip, a young man wanders blearily through an empty house in a state of confusion and
paranoia as a wild party crashes in and out of his reality.

Producer/ Director: Kelly Carpenter
1st AD: Ella Macintyre
2nd AD: James Dubay
Continuity: Matt Vesely
Director of Photography: Viv Madigan
Focus Puller: Sam Cherry
Gaffer: David Tang
Camera Assist: Mike Tessari
Production Designer: Hamish Stewart
Editor: Kelly Carpenter
VFX Artist: Chris Kellett
Colourist: Sam Matthews

Martin Hissey
Jesse Coulter
Michael Smith
Tom Crosby
James Peter Hastings
Shane Coghlan
Victoria Cocks
Michael Gilmour
Sarah Bond
Simon Michelmore

Special Thanks:
Media Resource Centre
Canon Australia
Bronte Turner
Picture Hire Australia
Alex Walker-Symonds
Violette Flint
Leo Cooper