Sparklers Music Video or An Ode to All the Queer Films that Have Helped Me Out

Music Video

When I heard my friend’s music for the first time, my first thought was, wow, she can sing. My second thought was this song is beautiful. I need to make a music video for it. And after listening to the song 20 more times, I talked to her about it and we did make that video.

I had so many ideas for this one, and as often happens, realised the song meant different things to different people. We ended up with a super simple idea which really melted down the essence of what the song was about:

By projector light, duo Autumn’s Passage come to accept that memories are meant to be treasured, not missed.

We shot the clip at double-speed to slow down the end result.

Director/Producer/Editor: Kelly Carpenter
Director of Photography: Maxx Corkindale
Art Dept Assistants: Hamish Stewart & Alex Walker-Symonds
Makeup: Rose Bea Shultz

Hayley Beck & Liam Convey (Autumn’s Passage)
and Kaeli Convey

Special Thanks:
Bronte Turner
Alex Walker-Symonds
Violette Flint