Stomp the Dog Music Video

Music Video

The clips concept was that a dark, decrepit building seems the perfect place for a punk-rock music video… until it is infiltrated by zombies!

This was one of the funnest sets I’ve ever worked on. We shot a lot of hilarious stuff that never made it into the short 2:56 minute clip, including a scooby-doo-esque sequence of people getting chased in and out of doors! We even dubbed the finished clip out to VHS and re-imported the footage to get all the noisy, scratchy, 80s goodness.

Director/Producer: Kelly Carpenter
Co-Producer: Terri Amor
Director of Photography: Viv Madigan
Editor: Kelly Carpenter
Colourist: Sam Matthews
Production Designers: Hamish Stewart, Hannah Sitters, Veronica Buhagiar
Makeup Artists: Rebecca Buratto, Zaen Ghast
Gaffer: David ‘D-Tang’ Tang
Focus Puller: Sam Cherry
Best Boi: Bayley Broome-Peake
1st Assistant Director: Ella Macintyre

Fight Entertainment Action Team
Fight Choreographer: Nathan Cain
Stunt Performers: Nikola Despoja, Binh Phan, Ryan Cortazzo, Daniel Becker, Derek Crawford

Special Thanks: Knight Frank, AWPSA Bowden Security, Media Resource Centre, Kennards Hire, Bakers Delight