Thriller Live Premiere

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I had the pleasure of shooting at the Adelaide Festival Centre for a second time, when I photographed their premiere of Thriller Live on New Years Eve.

Aside from watching some killer performances, I got to hang out at the after party and shoot midnight fireworks with leading man, MiG Ayesa. It was honestly a very fun night filled with pretty pictures and awesome people. Carn 2015!!!!


Christmas Proms with Rachel Beck & Michael Falzon

Live Show, Photos, Theatre

Another yearly special I’d never had the pleasure of seeing before – the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Christmas Proms. The entire audience was in very high spirits as they sang along. It was a barrel of fun and the performers were top shelf.

Horror My Friend (& Friends)

Live Show, Photos

I can’t speak highly enough of this band. I saw them support some other band that turned out to be boring and they captured my attention within thirty seconds.

They have a lo-fi grunge sound that reminds me of two of my favourite bands, Children Collide and I Heart Hiroshima. If you’re into that, I thoroughly recommend you buy their EP. If not, check out their live show anyway. I had a lot of fun at their most recent show, capturing their kinetic and impassioned performances.

Following Horror My Friend, Velociraptor absolutely tore it up. It looked like they were having a party on stage and sounded like Marty McFly hijacking a 1950’s school dance with crazy rock-n-roll.  The incredible two-man DZ Deathrays finished up the night. Needless to say, the crowd had a pretty awesome time.

Ricochet Pete CD Launch

Live Show, Photos

I had never seen Fresh Kills before saturday night. What was I doing with my life? Such an energetic performance that set a cracking pace for the rest of the night.

I’m ashamed to say I’d never seen my friend Jess’ band The Villenettes before. Fast, bluesy, punk with a riot girl feel; it’s what I’m all about.

And of course the headline act did not disappoint. There was a clamour of photographers by this point of the evening, so after snapping a few shots, I put the lens-cap on, found myself a spot at the back of the room, and enjoyed the show.

This venue is great for lighting. As long as you’re not on the side of the stage. Those band members were severely neglected by me. The hyper-active bands helped me develop my technique quick to capture fast movement. Sorry ISO, it’s all about fast-shutter speeds for me.

I’m still grasping the un-written rules about concert photography etiquette. I was there with the bands’ permission, but shooting for myself. There were about 4 other photographers there on the night. The audience was not getting a front-row spot, or even a clean view as photographers and videographers stood up in the front or even climbed about on stage. I know that not using flash is a well-known rule, but at what point should you classify your very presence as an interruption?



Alison Coppe @ The Grace Emily

Live Show, Photos

This was my first outing to purposefully add to my portfolio. My friend Alison was happy to oblige.

After entering the room, I immediately dreaded the shots I’d come away with. The stage was so dimly lit, it was lucky I got a shot at all. I tried, despite the intrusion factor, to use flashes. A couple of them came of really well, but I think if I have to shoot here again, I’ll use a much faster lens, talk to the lighting desk to see if they’ve got any more juice, or even go early and rig something of my own.

Alison will be playing at the Adelaide Feast Festival in November.

Music Video inspired by Austin Nightlife

Music Video

When asked if I’d be interested in making a music video for Barossa Valley blues singer, Kelly Menhennett, I said what I always say, that I’d have a listen and think about it. In three minutes I was back on the phone.

I love this song and it reminded me straight away of the feeling of being in Austin at night. The uncrisp sounds, the texture of the light, and the sight of buskers everywhere. Luckily for me, the singer related straight away; she had recorded the album in Nashville.

Although the song is about desire, we steered that meaning to focus on music and featured our home-town of Adelaide in all the weird ways we love it.

Sparklers Music Video or An Ode to All the Queer Films that Have Helped Me Out

Music Video

When I heard my friend’s music for the first time, my first thought was, wow, she can sing. My second thought was this song is beautiful. I need to make a music video for it. And after listening to the song 20 more times, I talked to her about it and we did make that video.

I had so many ideas for this one, and as often happens, realised the song meant different things to different people. We ended up with a super simple idea which really melted down the essence of what the song was about:

By projector light, duo Autumn’s Passage come to accept that memories are meant to be treasured, not missed.

We shot the clip at double-speed to slow down the end result.

Sleeptalker Music Video

Music Video

You might recognise the singer from my favourite Grenadiers clip. I love all his music and his bands. I can’t shoot a clip for a song I don’t like – it would be death to my ears to listen to a mediocre song 150+ times. Thank goodness there are enough locals making top quality stuff.

In the clip, a young man wanders blearily through an empty house in a state of confusion and
paranoia as a wild party crashes in and out of his reality.