Adelaide’s Gluttonous Reservoir Dogs

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Grenadiers in the Port

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Grenadiers B+W for Web.jpg

Took this photo before shooting my second video for these guys in historical Port Adelaide. Can’t wait to show it off. If you haven’t heard their music before, you can check it out here. They are excellent.

Horror My Friend (& Friends)

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I can’t speak highly enough of this band. I saw them support some other band that turned out to be boring and they captured my attention within thirty seconds.

They have a lo-fi grunge sound that reminds me of two of my favourite bands, Children Collide and I Heart Hiroshima. If you’re into that, I thoroughly recommend you buy their EP. If not, check out their live show anyway. I had a lot of fun at their most recent show, capturing their kinetic and impassioned performances.

Following Horror My Friend, Velociraptor absolutely tore it up. It looked like they were having a party on stage and sounded like Marty McFly hijacking a 1950’s school dance with crazy rock-n-roll.  The incredible two-man DZ Deathrays finished up the night. Needless to say, the crowd had a pretty awesome time.

Grenadiers Music Video

Music Video

I had been wanting for a long time to make a music video the way I thought they should be made – with the music as the focus. The band and I struggled to convince our financiers that we could make an engaging clip without a long-winded story. After we finished the clip, we finally had proof that yes, musicians playing can engage an audience for 3 minutes. Although it was one of my first, and definitely the simplest, this is still the music video that I’m most proud of.